Witching Hour album cover

Witching Hour

Earthy and primal songs for listening to in the wilderness or in the dead of night. The full album is now available for streaming and download!

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The Whispering Wood album cover

The Whispering Wood

Featuring enchanting piano and folk ambience, this album emerges from deep in the woods and takes you over fields and mountains.

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Burzum Piano Covers album

Burzum Piano Covers

Piano covers of my favorite ambient Burzum tracks.

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Covers album cover

Folk Covers

Piano covers of some of my favorite folk songs.

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Old Days EP album cover

Old Days EP

A collection of wintry themed songs. This is some of my older music and is free to download.

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Frontier Faust is my music project born in 2019, combining the peace of ambience with the structure of melody. It features the magnificent range of the piano, the subtle earthiness of folk instruments, and the sounds of nature.

I'm a solo musician making music in the woods somewhere. My music is dedicated to my ancestors, who showed me the way.


If you have any inquiries or need technical help with the store, you can email frontierfaust@protonmail.com

If you would like to use my music for any personal or commercial projects, please don't hesitate to contact me!